15 mental health podcasts for people of color

Some podcasts are brave enough to tackle the sensitive issue of mental health in vulnerable groups, and their numbers are growing. Here are 15 podcasts that are working to eliminate racism’s stigma.


A podcast for women of color who value their mental health and seek wholeness. Hosted by Davia Roberts, a former therapist and creator of Redefine Enough, this show is for women of color who affirm their worth, value mental health, and seek wholeness.

2. Ataque de nerves

Finally, Marbs and Scruz have a podcast! Hear your two favorite pals talk about mental health, pop culture, wellness, and becoming Brown in Oregon.

3. Between Sessions

Dope therapists and conversations from Melanin & Mental Health. On both sides of the couch, two brown chicks are changing the face of therapy.

4. Celeste the Therapist

Celeste The Therapist podcast is designed to assist you in changing the way you think. We get caught in a vicious cycle all too frequently and struggle to break free. Celeste will chat to people from various walks of life who help others in different ways.

5. Fireflies Unite Podcast

A weekly podcast for bringing light into darkness (just like the fireflies) by sharing the tales of individuals thriving with mental illness in communities of color despite the disadvantages and racism that impact their mental health is called Fireflies Unite. The goal of the podcast is to encourage people of color to get help, break the stigma, and raise consciousness by telling stories. We want to demonstrate that mental illness does not have a particular appearance; it also affects high-functioning individuals who are fully functional. Every Monday, new episodes are posted.

6. Hats Off

We are two clinical social workers who are attempting to break the stigma surrounding mental health with lessons that are both funny and real!

7. Latinx Therapy

On the road to becoming a therapist, I want to help people who are in my shoes. I’m hoping for this workshop so that after it’s finished, I can practice on my own clients until they are completely comfortable with someone else caring for their mental health. -> This session is designed for healthcare providers who wish to learn more about cultural bias in mental illness and how it affects Latinx patients. Dr. Thong helped us understand that racial bias exists in psychotherapy approaches developed within western culture, notably within the American psychological industry’s white-washed version of CBT (such as SMART Recovery). Mexican Americans have an 8 percent chance of developing major depression at some point in their life, according to studies by The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer.

Adriana Alejandra Alejandre, LMFT is on this campaign to break the taboo of learning self-help skills, how to support ourselves or people close to us who are suffering from mental illnesses, and building cultural competence for other health care providers working with the Latinx community.

8. Minding my Black Business

Dr. JaNaé Taylor is the host of Mending My BLACK Business, a podcast dedicated to Black Entrepreneurs who are looking for ways to connect, educate, and support other Black Entrepreneurs as they balance their professional lives. It has a nice balance of both entrepreneurial and mental health perspectives.

9. Naming It

Dr. Bedford Palmer and Dr. LaMisha Hill, both Bay Area psychologists, discuss the connections between Social Justice, Psychology, and Blackness in Naming It. They introduce elements of counseling psychology that aren’t often considered, as well as engage listeners in a discussion about popular culture and current events in a way that goes deeper and focuses on how it all influences our lives. The goal of Naming It is to raise the issue to become vocalized by naming it; thus, they call for the voices of social justice that are typically silenced.

10. Stories of Stigma: South Asian Mental Health

MannMukti.org is a one-stop shop for South Asians to learn about and address mental health issues with each other. MannMukti means “mental liberation” in Hindi. Our goal is to encourage open, constructive discussion of mental health concerns in order to decrease stigma, increase awareness, and promote self-care. Let’s #SpeakUp together.

11. Talking off the couch

Talking off the Couch is a podcast that focuses on mental health and mental wellness in the African-American community. Tatiana Smith, who is a Licensed Professional Counselor, created Talking off the Couch in Dallas, Texas.

12. The Bodyful Black Girl

Women of color discuss depression, anxiety, trauma, mental illness, self-care and self-compassion with Holistic Nutritionist and Creative Arts Therapy Candidate Jennifer Sterling. Jennifer discusses her experiences with mental illness as well as suggestions for how to help women of color flourish.

13. The Evolving Chair

The Evolving Chair Podcast is hosted by Millennial Lakiesha Russell, a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), who has a mission of debunking the notion that mental health and therapy are inaccessible. She’ll talk with others about their experiences, professional insights, and more to help us all EVOLVE into our best selves through physical, spiritual, and mental wellness.

14. The Mindful Muslim

The purpose of this course is to talk about how both society and individuals can get involved in creating a healthy, modernist Islamic counterculture based on the values inherent in the Qur’an.

15. What’s the Remedy?

The weekly discussion regarding men and mental health, social problems, racial inequality, and a variety of other societal issues. The prescriptive antiseptic for “toxic masculinity.” Hosted by Dr. J, Ashley Ray, and Day 1

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