5 Mental Health Podcasts By Therapists Of Color

Mental health is undoubtedly stigmatized in communities of color. Fortunately, stigma has not stopped these therapists from amplifying awareness through their mental health podcasts. Therapists of color have created five excellent podcasts that you should listen to.

1. Dr. Brittany Anderson of The Mental Breakdown

Dr. Brittany Anderson, PsyD is the host of “The Mental Breakdown” podcast that talks about mental illness and its effects on people of color. She discusses mental health topics ranging from sex to racism in a way that makes them accessible to many different audiences by covering important academic concepts in a straightforward manner while also being funny and not taking herself too seriously. In addition, she has interviewed influential black therapists such as Drs. Joy Harden Bradford and Monnica T Williams about their work with racial identity in therapy sessions among other things. Her podcast is perfect for anyone interested in learning more about mental health disparities within communities of color or how to be a better therapist to these populations.

2. Dr. Nadine Burke Harris of TED Radio Hour

Dr. Nadine Burke Harris, a pediatrician and CEO of Center for Youth Wellness in San Francisco, has been featured on many news outlets such as 60 Minutes and the New York Times for pioneering work she’s done with vulnerable children and pregnant women exposed to high levels of stress that can lead to devastating outcomes. On her podcast “TED Radio Hour”, she is able to translate these scientific findings into digestible terms that will open your eyes to new ways we can be compassionate caretakers of our world.

3. Dr. L’Heureux Lewis-McCoy on WNYC’s Nancy Podcast

Dr. L’Heureux Lewis-McCoy is a public health sociology professor who has written for Ebony, Huffington Post, and the New York Times. On his podcast “The Sit Down”, he discusses controversial topics such as police brutality in black communities with a variety of guests including academics, activists, musicians, and more. He brings an academic lens to these issues by asking deep questions about social justice movements’ goals and strategies.

4. Drs. Joy Harden Bradford & Monnica T Williams on The Black Therapist Podcast

Dr. Joy Harden Bradford is a clinical psychologist known for her work helping people heal from racial identity development among other things through the use of Jungian psychology. She recently launched The Black Therapist Podcast along with colleague Dr.Monnica T Williams that centers black therapists and their experiences in the field of psychology. This podcast is relevant for anyone who wants to learn more about mental health from an alternative perspective.

5. Drs. Joy Harden Bradford & Monnica T Williams on The Media Psychology Podcast

Dr. Monnica T Williams founded a nonprofit organization, Center for Mental Health Disparities at the University of Louisville, to combat racial disparities in mental health treatment through research and training psychologists about cultural competency practices among other things. She also co-hosts “The Media Psychology Podcast” with Dr. Joy Harden Bradford where they discuss news related to psychology or media coverage of it that’s important to black communities together with guests like academics, activists, and musicians like Brittany Cooper.

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