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Want to know about 7 mental health podcasts?

Actually, the mental health podcasts are providing a secure space to study on depression, anxiety and other mental health challenges. Also, they deconstruct stigmas and stereotypes and gifting the practical tips for listeners to find the healing and balance. Now, there are most highlighting and favorite mental health podcasts available for creating awareness. Some of the podcasts are showing laugh out loud funny and others will make you cry. If you have obtained an interest or a hobby, the possibilities are huge in mental health podcasts. The following are 7 mental health podcasts that include:

The lavendaire lifestyle

The lavendaire lifestyle podcast is for its empathetic tone, conversations on mental wellbeing and also knowledgeable guests. This is actually hosted by the entrepreneur and You Tuber named as Aileen Xu. This podcast usually covers a vast array of personal lifestyle and development design topics. They also love the relatable episodes on emotional and mental health. While this show finished up in early of this year, still, the archives are providing guidance and light as well. 

The one you feed

Actually, there are a couple of wolves living within every one of us that includes one are best wolf and other is bad wolf. Of course, the one who wins is the one you feed. This one you feed podcast is on learning to feed your best wolf and also learn how to modify your relationship with your own thoughts. This is hosted by the author Eric Zimmer and behavior coach. It is also teeming with the quality discussions on making a life value living. 

Motherhood sessions

The motherhood session is a gimlet podcast and spotify original that always welcomes the listeners into a reality of motherhood and also what it appears like more than sleepless nights and diaper changes. This is hosted by Dr. Alexandra Sacks who are a well-known reproductive psychiatrist. This podcast usually discovers the career indecision and individuality shifts after having a baby and many more. While this podcast is no longer in production and they discover themselves on recurring to collection time again and again. 

Latinx therapy

This podcast is hosted by the Adriana Alejandre, LMFT. The Latinx therapy is a weekly podcast that discusses on the topics of mental health related to the community of Latinx. With the interview formatted episodes feature the mental health writers, entertainment figures, and professionals and more, this show really demystifies the entire stigmas and stereotypes successfully linked with the mental health in Latin culture. They particularly love those episodes air in both Spanish and English. 

Stories of disgrace

The stories of disgrace podcast eradicate the silence and shame linked with the mental illness in the south Asian communities. This podcast is hosted by the MannMukti Company, which is a website with the resources of mental health for the South Asians. In fact, each episode has similar mission to remove the taboos linked with the mental illness. When it comes to discussing on topics via the open interviews and dialogues, the listeners can participate in conversations with the experts of health care on all from anxiety to navigate the therapy world. However, the stories from those with lived experiences round out every season. 

Dreadful, thanks for asking

The dreadful, thanks for asking started, when the show host by Nora Mclnerny and began talking and writing on the mental health after her partner died from the brain cancer. At present, she guides others via the most challenging seasons of life and all from divorce and death too covetously and annoyance. This podcast also show that somehow on make you cry and laugh at the similar time.

The hardcore self help podcast 

The Robert dug is an author, psychologist and also a host of the hardcore self help podcast. This is an avidly famous show committed to answer the common and not-common questions on depression and anxiety. These episodes are ranged in content and include all from interviews with other experts to practical self-care advice. Also, this podcast show is one of the most favorites option for simple to assimilate professional advice and you will not hear any exclusive slang or psychobabble.

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