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REDEFINE ENOUGH is a website for young, active, and free-thinking ladies with interests that extend beyond fashion, beauty, love, and gossip. We write about culture and art, science and politics; current issues in the United States and all around the world.

We think that “important” hobbies easily combine with caring for your body, and it’s past time to stop compartmentalizing women into “smart” and “beautiful.” We combat preconceptions and advocate for the notion of respect for uniqueness – both personally and for others.

Our heroines are not afraid to start from scratch and achieve success where men previously dominated. We talk with equal ease and thoughtfulness about sex, sports, pop culture and human rights. There are no taboo topics on REDEFINE ENOUGH, and the editorial opinion is always independent.

Editorial guidelines

No hidden advertising and independent editorial policy

We do not use hidden advertising, we do not give our advertisers so-called PR bonuses, and we completely distinguish between the work of the sales department and special projects and the work of the editorial office. Our editors are not involved in commercial projects. All content special projects are clearly labeled, and a separate team is working on them.

In case of attempts to bribe the author or editor or explicit pressure on the editorial office, we reserve the right to completely stop working with a PR agency or brand for a period of up to one year.

Advertising on the website

We strive to ensure that advertising on our sites is ethical, correct and effective. We are also categorically against bots and a surge of garbage traffic, fraud with counters and always provide our advertisers with complete and correct information about the size and composition of the site’s audience, as well as the effectiveness of placement.

Press tours

Journalists go on press tours only in case of emergency, often we compensate for the costs of the receiving party and in any case sign an agreement that participation in the press tour does not impose any obligation on our author to write anything about the results of the trip, as well as write about anything in a certain way.

Reviews and tests

The editorial staff chooses all products for reviews and tests independently and based on the interests of the readers, this choice is not subject to any outside influence. We do not charge companies for reviews, tests or listings.


Editorial staff do not accept expensive gifts. In any case, gifts, product samples or privileges granted do not affect the editorial policy in any way.

Conflict of interests

If the author has a conflict of interest due to his commercial activities, personal or family situation or belonging to parties or movements, this will be specifically indicated either in the author’s profile or in a note to the article.

A conflict of interest may be the basis for the editorial office to refuse to publish an article.

Editorial position

Most of the articles on the site reflect the personal position of the author, which may not coincide with the opinion of the editorial board. The editors do not give a tribune to authors who call for violation of the law, incite hostility on religious, ethnic and other grounds, or humiliate human dignity. We oppose all types of discrimination, xenophobia and ignorance.