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Self-Care Podcast List

The Joy of Procrastination 

What if you could reframe procrastination as a beneficial ability to get more done in life? That’s precisely what Dean Jackson and Dan Sullivan aim to accomplish with each episode of The Joy of Procrastination podcast. By eliminating the stigma associated with procrastination, Jackson and Sullivan assist listeners in developing strategies for utilizing it positively.

The Hardcore Self-Help Podcast

Dr. Robert Duff, psychologist and host of the Hardcore Self-Help Podcast, is no stranger to navigating life with and treating mental health issues. He also knows how to answer queries regarding anxiety, sadness, relationships, sex, perfectionism, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), eating disorders, and a variety of other issues without requiring listeners

Not Another Anxiety Show

“It’s for everyone,” says host Kelli Walker of the Not Another Anxiety Show. While not a mental health professional, Walker does an excellent job of interviewing psychiatrists, physicians, and other professionals to provide listeners with guidance and practical advice on how to deal with the challenges that come with living with all ends of the anxiety spectrum.

The Recovery Warrior Show

Consider The Recovery Warrior Show to be your monthly dose of motivation and inspiration to help you get through the eating disorder recovery process. Host Jessica Flint interviews eating disorder recovery warriors and treatment professionals in order to hear their perspective on how you may begin to reconnect with food and your body.

Terrible, Thanks for Asking

Nora McInerny discusses her own experiences of loss, as well as those from other individuals in her podcast Terrible, Thanks for Asking. Every episode, McInerny interviews guests and explores themes around emotions, trauma, loss, mental health, and the search for community, optimism, and happiness after a death.

Grief Out Loud

Grief Out Loud is a podcast that focuses on the difficulties many individuals face when expressing their feelings. This podcast is produced by The Dougy Center for Grieving Children & Families, which specializes in grief and bereavement. DeCristofaro uses expert advice from bereavement experts as well as real people’s stories to shed light on the significanceю

What It Takes

Despite apparent roadblocks or major changes that might have prevented them from achieving their objectives, we all know individuals who “made it.” What these people share in common is a willingness to confront huge life transitions with the attitude that progress will come regardless of the outcome. What It Takes contains stories of perseverance from some of history’s most renowned

The Habit Coach

The Habit Coach With Ashdin Doctor is for you if you need motivation to make long-term changes in your life. Each episode focuses on ideas and encouragement to help you form new habits that will affect your daily existence. Host Ashdin Doctor discusses topics such as nutrition, fitness, health, sleep, and productivity. What’s more?

Recovery Unscripted

A podcast called Recovery Unscripted, produced by the Foundations Recovery Network, goes into the most complex issues surrounding addiction and recovery. Host David Condos leads listeners through the ins and outs of addiction treatment, mental health care, and recovery with guest interviews with prominent figures such as Glennon Doyle and Herschel Walker and expert guidance from clinicians.

Where Should We Begin

When you don’t have the time to go to couples therapy, why not bring the therapist to you? Where Should We Begin, produced by relationship counselor Esther Perel, examines a variety of issues that many of us face in our relationships, including sexlessness, infertility, communication difficulties, infidelity, trauma, regret, roles, and more.